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Kids Bicycle-Playtime


Cycling is one of the best exercises or activity to follow and above all a very good sport in itself. What better can one do to avoid pollution, obesity, a few heart related problems, asthma patients, diabetes, traffic snare, etc than just start riding bicycles. It is also a fun activity for small children. But it is equally important to select the right cycle for the child. There are many aspects which need to be considered. Small children usually start with the tricycle, that’s because the child is so small and cannot quite understand concepts like the central tendency, inertia, etc. The child basically does not know what and how to balance at an early age. For a child that is slightly older and can balance easily, one can definitely go for the Playtime bicycle that has been introduced by Atlas.

This kids bicycle comes in two specifications, i.e. 14 inches and the 12 inches version. The main basic and primary thing that should be considered while selecting any bike is its brakes. The Playtime brakes are dependable and suited for kids. The bike is kids friendly and has side supports. It comes in an unusual and unique K-frame. It is designed in a way that can be fun to use and at the same time safe and reliable. With its vibrant colors it is more attractive for the younger kids. It comes in a combination of lively colors such as blue and red. The seat is pretty much nice and cozy. The bicycle has a small basket in front of the handle as well.

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