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A robot is an artificial agent. Generally, it is an electromechanical system. Due to its appearance and movements, it exudes a sense that has a self intention. The word robot is used to denote both physical robots and virtual software agents. However, the software agents are also called as bots to differentiate between the two.

The characteristics of the robots are as follows – It is not natural but artificially created. It can make dexterous coordinated movements. The movement of a robot has one or more axes of rotation or translation. A robot is programmable. It can sense the environment and interact with things in it. It seems that the robot has some intent or agency. The robot has some degree of intelligence. It can select alternatives based on the ambience by using an automatic control or a preprogrammed sequence.

If a machine has the behavior of an agency, it is called as a robot. The physical look of a machine is less important than the mode of control of the actions. A vital characteristic of an agency is the capacity to make choices. Thus, if a machine could choose to do something different, it has more of an agency.

For many laymen, any machine that has human like features or has limbs can be called as a robot. Thus, a player piano would never be called as a robot. A CNC milling machine may be infrequently called a robot. A factory automation arm is called as an industrial robot. A zoomorphic mechanical toy is generally classified as a robot. ASIMO is always characterized as a robot.

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