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Computer video games

A computer video game consists of interaction from the user interface to create visual feedback on a video device. The platforms used to play video games may range from large computers to handheld devices. In the early days, the computer video games needed a keyboard for gameplay. Alternatively, the user would be required to purchase a joystick with minimum one button to play the video game. Modern computer video games permit the user to use the mouse and keyboard simultaneously.

The term ‘platform’ or ‘system’ is a particular combination of computer hardware along with low level software that permits a video game to run. A PC game refers to a media in which a player interacts with a personal computer connected to a high resolution video monitor.

A computer video game can be classified into genres based on factors like the mode of game play, type of goals and others. These genres modify and evolve as new styles of video games are created. The production values of computer video games has enhanced along with time in terms of visual look and depth of story telling. As time progresses, the computer video industry has been manufacturing more life like and complex games. Some genres like ‘massive multiplayer online role playing games’ are a combination of others.

The main aim of computer video games is entertainment. However, there are some video games for other purposes like propaganda games, educational games, adventure games etc. Most of these games can be classified as serious games.

Computer video game development requires programmers and graphic designers. Over the years, the need of sound designers, musicians and other technicians is also felt.

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