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Skate Board

A skate board has a wooden base called as the deck and four wheels. In the 1960s, the wheels were manufactured from clay. Nowadays, they are made of an oil-based plastic. The decks have grip tape and these avoid any slippage during riding. The skateboards are made up of many layers of laminated woods. Longboards are a variation of skateboard and have a long wheelbase along with large and soft wheels.

While using a skateboard, one’s foot remains on the board, while the other is used to propel it. Alternatively, structures like a half pipe or bowl can be used. While moving on a downward slope, the user can just stand on the board and gravity propels the board.

For skateboards, there is an absence of a governing body that could create any regulations regarding the parts used to assemble the skateboard. So, skateboarding can be called as an art rather than a sport.

A skateboard has some optional parts as follows. Riser or riser pads are placed between the board and the truck. The objective of using these is to offer additional clearance for the wheels and prevent wheel bite. This wheel bit may occur when the truck turns to such an angle that the wheel would touch the deck and cease spinning. Risers are made of rubber or plastic. Their height varies from 1/8” to ½”. A variation of risers made of neoprene or rubber are called Shock Pads. These are used to absorb impact and decrease vibration. They are used to prevent formation of pressure cracks and loosening of hardware.

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