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Wooden Toys

The concept of the term toy came into existence in the 14th century and toys tend to be an important process of learning for children. Playing with toys, especially wooden toys helped children to grow strong and learn the cause and effect of such toys. Wooden toys are more like an amusement thing or object to play with for a child. Wood is used for making toys and is one of the oldest and most popular medium for making toys of any shape and size. Wood is an environmental friendly product and is safe to use.

Early toys were craved out of wood or with twigs and were look-alikes of human figures and animals. One of the popular toys made of wooden was miniature toy carts with detail and accurate similarity to the real ones. Such carts even had wheels which could be turned. There were also dolls made of wood with beautiful painted features.

Modern toy manufacturers still use wood for making toys. In the present scenario, toys of wood which are made include cricket bats, stumps, rocking toys, building blocks, big size puzzles, slides, swings and more. But, one of the simplest types of toys are the wooden blocks, which are used in schools as well as nurseries for the development of children and improving their motor skills. However, with an increased use of the plastic and vinyl in the toy making concept, there are only few wooden toys being made in the market.

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