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Gee-haw Whammy Diddle


It basically is a toy that does nothing at-all but is still a lot of fun to play with. It is a mechanical toy and it consists of two wooden sticks. It is known as a whimsical tool with which you diddle; from this it gets its unusual name “Gee-Haw Whammy Diddle”. It has notches that are cut transversely and arranged in a series. A tiny wooden stick/propeller is attached at the end with the help of a nail or a pin. This tiny stick is held in one hand and is rubbed rapidly across the notches. This causes the tiny stick to rotate. It is also called as “Ouija windmill” or a “hooey stick”.

Many people refer to it by the name “voo doo stick”. Whammy is many a times pronounced as “whimmy” and diddle is sometimes pronounced as “Doodle”, this difference in pronunciation gives the toy another three names plus there is the original name “Gee-Haw”. “Gee-Haw” is related to the fact that, when you rub your fingers on the notched stick the direction of the propeller gets reversed. Usually elder people do this trick for the younger ones and then shout “Gee” or “Haw” just to fool the young ones and show them how the stick or the propeller reacts to their commands and changes its direction. It is also called as Hooey stick and if you refer to it as hooey stick then say ‘hooey’ while rotating the propeller or while changing the direction of the propeller.

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