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Frisbees are also known by the common name flying discs. As the common name hints they are basically disc shaped things made of plastic and have a diameter of about 8-10 inches and have a slight lip at the bottom along the circumference. The disc is designed using an air foil in a cross-section so that it can fly by generating a lift when thrown in the air. Actually, ‘Frisbee’ is the registered trademark name of the Wham O toy manufacturers, but now-a-days this name is often used to describe all flying-discs.

Recreation and Games

Frisbees are generally used for plying or for recreation and also as stress busters. Many different games can be played using this flying disc. Commercially wide range of flying discs for different games is available. Disc golf is one of the favorite disc games that require discs that are smaller and denser. Moreover they are tailor made for the required flight profiles like increase/decrease in stability or distance. Disc dog another sport played usually with your pets requires discs made of a stronger material in order to defy dog bites and also prevent injury. Another variant available are the ring shaped discs that usually fly a longer distance than the conventional flying discs. In the recent past there is a new type of disc that has come into the market called as “illuminated discs” used specifically to play in the night. These discs are very attractive as they generally use phosphorescent plastic or sometimes are even fitted with battery run light emitting diodes. Another amazing variety is that of the discs which whistle during a flight; but for them to whistle they should reach a certain speed or velocity.

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