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Spinning Top


A top is a toy that generally spins around an axis, harmonizing on a point. It is one of the oldest familiar toys found on many archeological sites. It is not only a toy, but in the olden days it was also used for prophecy and also for gambling. Even today, a very few role-playing gamers use tops as an enhanced dice to generate randomized results, in such cases the top is called a “spinner”. A nail can also be rotated using the same principle. The rotational action of the “top” can be explained using gyroscopic effects. Mostly at first the top wobbles, it stops wobbling as soon as the tip becomes upright in respect to its interface with the plane. It spins upright for a while, but as the angular momentum lessens it also causes the gyroscopic effect to diminish causing the top to fall over.

In current years there have been many significant changes in tops thanks to the new technology. Now-a-days many different kinds of tops like, tops having tips that rotate with the help of ball-bearing known as bearing tops are the most recent and most significant variant of the tops. Other types of tops that are available are dreidel top, dueling top, beyblade, flaming top, floating top, concertina top, floating top, gaming top, tippe top, tromo top, whipping top, whistling top, gassy leper, gasing jantung, spinja, battling tops and many more. National level championships are held annually in Chico, California. Also annual world championships are conducted in Orlando, Florida.

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