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Teddy Bear


It is a puffy toy in the shape of a bear hence the name ‘teddy bear’. It is a long lasting toy and often comforts children. Many children sleep with a teddy bear in their arms. Teddy bears are also considered as an expensive collector’s item. People who generally collect teddy bears are called as arctophiles. It is a Greek word and means bear lovers.

Different types of Teddy bears

Teddy bears are mass produced and come in many different types. But commercially made teddy bears are usually toy teddy bears. These bears traditionally have joints to attach the legs, arms and heads. Their eyes are secured and fastened so that they don’t cause any chocking hazard to children. These bears are known as plush bears. These plush bears need to meet certain fixed constructions standards so that they can be marketed to children in the European Union and in U.S.A. In contrast to this artist bears are very rarely produced and also rare to find. Most of these bears are produced specifically for adults because they may contain hazardous or toxic materials which can cause damage to small children. Usually these teddy bears carry a warning tag. Such teddy bears are usually available in some specialty shops or are on sale by some individual artists or are even available in art galleries or art exhibitions. There are many Teddy Bear shows and many craft shows across the world. These artistic bears usually have moveable joints. These artistic bears also come with a special and a softer fur.

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