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Toy Blocks


Also called as building blocks or blocks or educational blocks, is one of the oldest and most famous toy ever. They are also considered as educational toys because they have got alphabets or numbers or animals drawn or printed on them. Children start playing with these blocks at a fairly early age of 4-5 yrs. Hence, these toy blocks are usually made of non-toxic materials like wood, foam, plastic. They are available in a variety of colors and shapes. They are usually very attractive and pretty in their appearance.

Brief History

This toy blocks concept originated in the 17th century in England. John Locke a philosopher made these blocks in 1693 and used them to teach children alphabets and made learning more enjoyable for them. Toy blocks have also been referred to as “rational toys” used to teach children spatial relationships which permitted them to see how different parts became a whole thing when added or joined together. These blocks were also helpful for teaching children about physics and gravity.

The first ever large scale production of these toy blocks started in 1820. This mass production was started in Brooklyn by S.L Hill. He also patented these toy blocks as “omamenting wood”. A writer named ‘Henry Cole’ and having the pseudonym of “Felix Summerly’ authored a chain of story books which had many references of toy blocks in them. These blocks were also used by many architects to make miniature or rough models of their buildings or other projects, all the further corrections and calculations were based on these models. Recently in the year 2003 these toy blocks were inducted as ABC blocks into the National Toy Hall Of Fame at the Strong Museum. This granted them the status of America’s toy of National Significance.

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