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Erector Set

It is actually the trade name of a toy construction set. Erector is one of the most popular constructor sets of United States. It became popular in the 20th century. This construction is pretty much similar to Meccano. It consists of a compilation of tiny metal beams with standard holes for bolts, nuts and screws. Mechanical parts like gears, pulleys or even small electronic motors can be fitted in combination as desired to the user. Erector is sturdier than Mecanno due to the flanges fitted to the beams. The erector set first came into existence in 1911. It was invented and designed by A.C. Gilbert. A.C. Gilbert was the first company to manufacture Erector. It was manufactured in New Heaven, Connecticut in their Erector Square factory.

The company produced these sets from 1913 till 1967, but sadly it went bankrupt in 1967. Now-a-days the Erector sets that are being sold are basically ‘Meccano’ sets and are manufactured by S.N Meccano. This plant is based in France and is a part of the Nikko Group of Japan. But these sets are different than the original Erector sets and do not have the flanged beams. Nikko America is responsible for distribution of Erector sets in America since Jan 2006. Gilberto set has the honor to be the subject of the first ever national American toy advertising campaign. It was so popular that it is also the part of the American Folk culture. But its fame is declining now-a-days due to the availability of the new modern and more advanced toys.

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