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Construx is a brand of building toys. These toys are made out of plastic. This brand was established by Fisher-Price in the year 1983. Construx generally has beam shaped pieces. These pieces have varying lengths. They can be snapped to a cubical connector to make large shapes. These shapes securely fit into each-other though no bolts or nuts are used. Flat surface assembly was possible due to panels. Even moving creations are possible in this set. You can fix many pieces and even wheels and motors and even hinges. This gives us the option to build a variety of new shapes and a variety of new working models. Sadly Construx was discontinued in 1988. Mattel tried to revive it in 1997 but his efforts were futile and it was again discontinued.

Parts of Construx

It has connector nuts of blue color of which all six sides could be snapped on to beams or other pieces. Wheels, toy figures, crane hooks, seats, engine panels, turntables, etc also are included in this set. Also provided are axles to hang pulleys and other pieces. These axels usually slide through connector nuts and also through the hollow of beams. Diagonal clips and flat plastic straps with hooks at the end to grab a nut are also included in this set of Construx. These diagonal clips can swing and thus give a momentum to the assembly. They are flexible and thus are perfect to reinforce corners. Many other separate and useful parts used to come with the set of Construx. It was a complete building set and very popular among children

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