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Musical Puppy

The features of musical puppy are as follows – It is made of soft and quilted fabric. The fabric is decorated with patchwork and embroidery. The puppy can play musical notes and prerecorded songs. Any baby can operate the puppy with their hands or feet. The musical puppy develops coordination in the baby. This can [...]

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Mechanical workshop called Meccano

Children after the age of 8 and above tend to be more techno freaks. They try and want to know more about modern technically advanced gadgets and the rate of curiosity is very high. They tend to like cars, sports cars, bikes, airplanes, helicopters, etc. Boys especially are more prone towards these kinds of toys [...]

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A robot is an artificial agent. Generally, it is an electromechanical system. Due to its appearance and movements, it exudes a sense that has a self intention. The word robot is used to denote both physical robots and virtual software agents. However, the software agents are also called as bots to differentiate between the two. [...]

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