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Overview A Kaleidoscope is a tube of reflecting mirrors. It contains small objects like pebbles or beads or small pieces of colored glass. A person looks through one end while light enters through the other; the light gets reflected in the mirrors. Basically there are two mirrors which are set at 45 degrees to one [...]

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Teddy Bear

Over-view It is a puffy toy in the shape of a bear hence the name ‘teddy bear’. It is a long lasting toy and often comforts children. Many children sleep with a teddy bear in their arms. Teddy bears are also considered as an expensive collector’s item. People who generally collect teddy bears are called [...]

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It is a toy that consists of a handle, a footpad a spring and a pole. It is thought to be a children’s toy, but many teenagers and adults also love playing with it. As the name suggests it is generally used for hopping. It first came into existence in 1919 and was invented by [...]

Popularity: 42%

Spinning Top

Overview A top is a toy that generally spins around an axis, harmonizing on a point. It is one of the oldest familiar toys found on many archeological sites. It is not only a toy, but in the olden days it was also used for prophecy and also for gambling. Even today, a very few [...]

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