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Introduction Construx is a brand of building toys. These toys are made out of plastic. This brand was established by Fisher-Price in the year 1983. Construx generally has beam shaped pieces. These pieces have varying lengths. They can be snapped to a cubical connector to make large shapes. These shapes securely fit into each-other though [...]

Popularity: 30%


Overview It is a toy that produces a false impression of action from a fast sequence of still pictures. Slits are cut vertically in the sides of a cylinder. A set of individual images, drawings or pictures arranged in a sequence are placed on a band below the slits. The cylinder is then rotated and [...]

Popularity: 30%


Overview A Kaleidoscope is a tube of reflecting mirrors. It contains small objects like pebbles or beads or small pieces of colored glass. A person looks through one end while light enters through the other; the light gets reflected in the mirrors. Basically there are two mirrors which are set at 45 degrees to one [...]

Popularity: 34%


Introduction Frisbees are also known by the common name flying discs. As the common name hints they are basically disc shaped things made of plastic and have a diameter of about 8-10 inches and have a slight lip at the bottom along the circumference. The disc is designed using an air foil in a cross-section [...]

Popularity: 25%