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Wooden Toys

The concept of the term toy came into existence in the 14th century and toys tend to be an important process of learning for children. Playing with toys, especially wooden toys helped children to grow strong and learn the cause and effect of such toys. Wooden toys are more like an amusement thing or object [...]

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Sandpits for the kids

Due to the increase in globalization and increase in land acquisitions there has been less space for children to play. Rather there have been more of buildings than bungalows and less space for outdoor activities in the cities. This has to some extent reduced the outdoor activities of small children mostly in the cities and [...]

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Toy Story films get 3D makeover

The first two Toy Story movies are to be remade in 3D ahead of the release of Toy Story 3 in June 2010, film studio Disney-Pixar has announced. Original director John Lasseter is to oversee the conversion, and promised audiences would be “blown away”. Toy Story was released in 1995 and features the voices of [...]

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