Spinning Top


A top is a toy that generally spins around an axis, harmonizing on a point. It is one of the oldest familiar toys found on many archeological sites. It is not only a toy, but in the olden days it was also used for prophecy and also for gambling. Even today, a very few role-playing gamers use tops as an enhanced dice to generate randomized results, in such cases the top is called a “spinner”. A nail can also be rotated using the same principle. The rotational action of the “top” can be explained using gyroscopic effects. Mostly at first the top wobbles, it stops wobbling as soon as the tip becomes upright in respect to its interface with the plane. It spins upright for a while, but as the angular momentum lessens it also causes the gyroscopic effect to diminish causing the top to fall over.

In current years there have been many significant changes in tops thanks to the new technology. Now-a-days many different kinds of tops like, tops having tips that rotate with the help of ball-bearing known as bearing tops are the most recent and most significant variant of the tops. Other types of tops that are available are dreidel top, dueling top, beyblade, flaming top, floating top, concertina top, floating top, gaming top, tippe top, tromo top, whipping top, whistling top, gassy leper, gasing jantung, spinja, battling tops and many more. National level championships are held annually in Chico, California. Also annual world championships are conducted in Orlando, Florida.

Popularity: 5%



Frisbees are also known by the common name flying discs. As the common name hints they are basically disc shaped things made of plastic and have a diameter of about 8-10 inches and have a slight lip at the bottom along the circumference. The disc is designed using an air foil in a cross-section so that it can fly by generating a lift when thrown in the air. Actually, ‘Frisbee’ is the registered trademark name of the Wham O toy manufacturers, but now-a-days this name is often used to describe all flying-discs.

Recreation and Games

Frisbees are generally used for plying or for recreation and also as stress busters. Many different games can be played using this flying disc. Commercially wide range of flying discs for different games is available. Disc golf is one of the favorite disc games that require discs that are smaller and denser. Moreover they are tailor made for the required flight profiles like increase/decrease in stability or distance. Disc dog another sport played usually with your pets requires discs made of a stronger material in order to defy dog bites and also prevent injury. Another variant available are the ring shaped discs that usually fly a longer distance than the conventional flying discs. In the recent past there is a new type of disc that has come into the market called as “illuminated discs” used specifically to play in the night. These discs are very attractive as they generally use phosphorescent plastic or sometimes are even fitted with battery run light emitting diodes. Another amazing variety is that of the discs which whistle during a flight; but for them to whistle they should reach a certain speed or velocity.

Popularity: 25%

Gee-haw Whammy Diddle


It basically is a toy that does nothing at-all but is still a lot of fun to play with. It is a mechanical toy and it consists of two wooden sticks. It is known as a whimsical tool with which you diddle; from this it gets its unusual name “Gee-Haw Whammy Diddle”. It has notches that are cut transversely and arranged in a series. A tiny wooden stick/propeller is attached at the end with the help of a nail or a pin. This tiny stick is held in one hand and is rubbed rapidly across the notches. This causes the tiny stick to rotate. It is also called as “Ouija windmill” or a “hooey stick”.

Many people refer to it by the name “voo doo stick”. Whammy is many a times pronounced as “whimmy” and diddle is sometimes pronounced as “Doodle”, this difference in pronunciation gives the toy another three names plus there is the original name “Gee-Haw”. “Gee-Haw” is related to the fact that, when you rub your fingers on the notched stick the direction of the propeller gets reversed. Usually elder people do this trick for the younger ones and then shout “Gee” or “Haw” just to fool the young ones and show them how the stick or the propeller reacts to their commands and changes its direction. It is also called as Hooey stick and if you refer to it as hooey stick then say ‘hooey’ while rotating the propeller or while changing the direction of the propeller.

Popularity: 42%

Smart Cycle


Voted as one of the best top 10 toys of the year 2007, the smart cycle is sure to stay and enthrall many of its young users. This smart cycle is the creation of Fisher-Price as one of the oldest toy making company in the world. In this world of high tech technology and advancement how can toys be left behind. That’s exactly what Fisher-Price has done. They have combined technology with toys and came up with this fantastic ‘smart cycle’. It is basically a T.V depended interactive electronic amusement device. But it is very different from other video games or other interactive devices. This device actually makes the child exercise while playing the game.

The ‘smart cycle’ from Fisher-Price is a stationary bike, specially made for preschoolers, which can be plugged directly to your T.V. Software called ‘Learning Adventure’ is also provided with the cycle. There are many other types of software that can be bought separately for the combined use with the ‘smart cycle’. Learning Adventure the software that comes with the smart cycle has three options namely: Driving, The Big Races and Learning Arcade Games. In ‘Driving’ mode children usually learn to ride their bike through different environments. In the second mode that is the ‘Learning Arcade Games’ are genuine learning games which help your child learn about alphabets and numbers and shapes, etc. ‘The Big Race’ mode is the most fun and competitive mode and it is very fast paced wherein the children compete with their friends or even other bikes on the T.V screens

Popularity: 4%